Before you make an online purchase check the advantage of purchasing from your local dive shop:  You can check out the equipment that you are purchasing often at the same price as online.  Big savings on equipment maintenance and repair.  (Just completed a service on a regulator and the cost was over $100.  Would have been less than half if purchased at our store).  Aqualung has free lifetime replacement on parts (normal internal parts) for a first and 2nd stage which can add up to $40-60.  You also will keep dive shops open for business as a number of shops have closed their doors in the last few year.  Dive shops provide full service: classes, sales, trips, rental, airfills, and repair.  We are now seeing students join our classes as far as 3 hours away on a regular basis.


We sell a wide variety of scuba diving equipment and accessories. We also rent everything you need to scuba dive. We also have a huge selection of swimwear and accessories.   Used equipment available for purchase.


You can email or call in an order and we will ship it to your home.  Shipping charges if any will depend on the amount of the order and destination.  Free shipment on orders over $100 except for tanks and weights. Please ask for a quote on the item you wish to purchase or stop in our store.  [email protected],  (309/263-0045)

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Purchase all of the following and more:  Masks     Instruments     Fins     Bags     Snorkels     Wetsuits     Gloves     Swimwear & Accessories     Hoods     Knives     Tanks     Mask/Snorkel Sets     Decals     Spearguns     Cameras     Rasguards     Shirts


Sealife Micro 2 and DC2000 now in stock ($100 off the DC2000 Pro Pack this month!).  Great quality video with a completely waterproof camera.  Needs no filters or any accessories to use underwater or above water.  John has personally used the camera and prefers it over his GoPro camera.  Sea Dragon video light is a fantastic addition.  We will match price as well as give a lesson on the use of the camera.

Micro HD+ Sea Dragon Pro 2500

White’s Drysuit Fusion SPECIAL



Purchase a set of equipment and receive an additional discount (also better discount with cash or check) Receive an additional 10 % off any bag with the purchase of a complete package (regulator, BC, and gauges)!  If you have purchased in the last year this offer is still good!

Large selection of TYR suits with up to 50% off.

Will have a new and large selection of Aqua Diving shirts by August 10: short sleeve, long sleeve, dryfit, and tank tops.