How old must one be to begin scuba diving? At least 10 years old. Recommended age is 12. Advanced 12. Rescue 15. Divemaster 18.  Seal Team class available for 8 or 9 year old.  Bubblemaker under 8.   Seal Team is a great way to get your kids interested in diving and preparing them for full certification.

Classes at Bradley? If there is a group of Bradley students we can request to teach a class at Bradley’s facility.

How often are classes taught? Usually every month there is a new class. Additional classes upon demand.  Some classes may not  never make the website. If there are enough in a group we can arrange your own class or set up a semi-private class. Many specialty classes are taught upon request. Call the shop or check the newsletter for the latest class dates and times.

How many students in the class? Open water classes will vary from two to ten. If classes are larger they are split into two or more groups. Semi-private classes have no more than four. Advanced and specialty classes are usually smaller.

How long do I have to complete my certification? For open water we recommend to complete the open water dives as soon as possible after the class and no more than six months. We offer open water certification dives throughout the year.  If longer, then a refresher session is recommended. If longer than a year, course may have to be repeated.

Who goes on your trips? Experienced divers, student divers, and nondivers. We will give you our honest opinion if the trip is suited for nondivers or inexperienced divers. Certification dives for open water, advanced, and many specialties can be completed on most trips.

Where to take a dive trip? Choose your own destination or ask for our recommendations. If there is enough interest and lead time, we will help set up the trip and an instructor will go with you.

Why are some trips more expensive? Weekend trips are the least expensive. Ocean trips vary. The quality of accommodations, including meals and transportation, distance and remoteness of destination, all contribute to the cost.  The Far Pacific is a better option for more marine life and healthier reefs. John has traveled the Pacific extensively and will continue to lead groups to these destinations. See ocean trips.

Why travel with a group? Better rates and service especially to the more remote destinations. Travel with people you know or will get to know as they are from the same area or have traveled with your local shop before. Group leader is familiar with the travel location. Upon return receive video/pictures and share pictures at a post trip party! We aim to have a great time so you will want to come back for more.

Do I need dive insurance? If you are a frequent traveler or visit remote locations (which we offer), dive insurance often gives you some travel coverage and gives you a peace of mind that extra medical or transportation cost are all covered. PADI, DAN, and DIVEASSURE all provide coverage. Diveassure has the best coverage and the best rates: www.diveassure.com.  Please note in application that we are your local dive store. Applications available at the store and can be paid here.

Why purchase my equipment from Aqua Diving School? Your local dive store is the most convenient place for service but not all brands. Equipment purchased elsewhere may not carry a warranty and will cost more for service. We also sell used equipment that we can service.  Your local dive store has a strong relationship with its manufacturers giving you the best possible service. Your local dive store provides you with personal service, education, and travel knowledge. Your support allows for continued service and growth. We at Aqua Diving School encourage your support at whatever local facility you feel the most comfortable.

Can I receive College credit? We have taught numerous classes for credit but most colleges have discontinued the credit classes.  See your local college about encouraging them to reinstate the credit classes.  John.