Introductory – Discover Scuba

This is a class that allows non-divers the chance to experience underwater breathing. Introduce your friends or relatives to diving. $40 per person or call for low group rate. To become a certified diver go to Open Water class for the class schedule or call to arrange a starting date.

Introductory classes are held at Central Park pool in Peoria.  Birthday parties, Boy Scout outings, or family get together gatherings in the Central Illinois area are a great way to experience scuba diving.  Every spring approximately 200 Morton Junior High kids experience scuba with Aqua Diving School.  We also have many Boy Scout troops sign up for the experience every year at camp or directly with the dive shop.

PADI Seal Team.  $95 plus book packet (need 2 seal divers for this price).  Start your son or daughter at the age of 8.  Both class and pool training which will  prepare for later certification and perk their interest at the same time.  Two pool sessions, $145.  Advanced Seal Team. $50. This consist of a 3rd session to continue their interest.

Aqua Diving School staff conducts between 200 – 300 new discover scuba diving students per year which includes a number of schools participating in the Peoria/Morton area.