Local Dive Trips

Local Dives (locations that we can drive to in 8 hours or less) 

Bonne Terre Mine, 2018

Join us for some fabulous dives in Bonne Terre Mine this winter  in very clear water with awesome views of this huge flooded mine both under and above water Related image  Cost is $240 for three dives including tanks.  Additional costs are for transportation, lodging, equipment rental, and any certification dives.  We recommend diving it in a comfortable White’s Fusion Drysuit (we have 6 in rental).  Even if the outside temperature is freezing, the mine temperature is 65 degrees (water temperature 57).  Image result for bonne terre mine Can complete Open Water, Advanced dives, and drysuit certification.  Can also complete Cavern certification in the mine.  John has over 100 dives in the mine and it is still an awesome experience to dive it each time.  Sign up for the mine trip now.  Check or cash deposit for dives needed to hold space.  We had 14 divers enjoy the mine in 2018.  Sign up if you would like to dive the mine next winter.

Bull Shoals Lake  2018

Located   in the  beautiful Ozark  mountains on the northern border of Arkansas (440 miles from Peoria/Bloomington area). You will be lodging aboard luxury houseboats for three days and nights. Boats have TV, VHS/DVD, air-conditioning, refrigerator and one full bath. All meals and snacks are provided. Transportation is arranged. Dive an average of six dives right off the houseboat in the clear waters of Bull Shoals Lake. Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and many specialty certification dives can be completed on these trips. Available are swimming, water skiing, fishing, night dive, wreck dive, spear fishing, jet skis, barbecue dinner, and great fun. These are our most popular trips at a very reasonable prices. Great trip for non divers. Many customers do multiple trips each season. Scheduled from April through October. Now available 60 foot Super Deluxe Houseboats with private bedrooms, slide, fly deck, large television and DVD/VHS player, full kitchen with double refrigerators, two full bathrooms. Extra charge depending on the room and time of year as these boats have a rental fee double the regular deluxe houseboats.   To view: www.bullshoalslakeboatdock.com  Taking deposits now, $100 per person!  Join us in May of 2018. 

Want to rent boat for your own family trip?  Call us for special prices.  Let us know when you can join us.  Still the best trip for the money with unlimited diving, airfills, all meals, and lots of water activities including waterskiing with the convenience of houseboat living. Transportation not included. Price may fluctuate with price of gasoline.  As more sign up for the trip the price will decrease with the addition of a 2nd houseboat.

Memorial Day weekend, May, 2018.  Taking deposits now, $100.   It was a great weekend.   Water temperature was in the mid 70s to 80 degrees at the service and visibility was decent.     Saw a large variety of fish on the night dive.   bt-dive4

June 22-25.  Join our 2018 Treasure Hunt trip.     Water temperature was 86 in 2017.  Top prize, Aqualung regulator, went to Miranda.  Everyone won anywhere from shirt and hat to mask/snorkel combo, fins, and dive bags.  Join us in 2018. $250 on the deluxe 60 foot houseboat.  This trip is almost full!  Sign up soon so a 2nd boat can be rented if needed.

August 10-13.  End of summer Bull Shoals trip.  We have the deluxe houseboat on this trip as well.  Approximately $250

Labor Day trip and/or Fall trip on Bull Shoals Lake. 


Haigh Quarry, Kankakee, IL   For a week day need four divers.



Only two and a half hours away.  Cost for one day at Haig including extra air fill and arranged transportation, $40. Visiblity is about 15 feet.   Let us know if you can go on a Thursday when vis is much better and there are fewer divers instead of  on the weekend.  Training dives on Thursday, June 14, 2018!  Or join us for a fun dive.  Possible weekend dates: Saturday, June 30 and/or July 14.  Another Thursday end of June of early July!


Mermet Springs

On  October 14-15, seven divers completed their open water certification and one diver completed his advanced certification.  Located in Southern Illinois, between Vienna and Metropolis.  In the Fall this rock quarry has some of the clearest water in Illinois.  It is stocked with a large variety of fish; it is the home of U.S. Marshall’s 727, as well as many other wrecks. Entry fee is $20 per day. Approximately $100 includes two entry fees, two air fills, one night lodging, breakfast. Transportation is arranged. Can complete wreck diving and other specialty certifications at this quarry. Join us this Fall!  Visibility is See numerous large fish including Spoonbills on almost every dive.   

                                                                                                                               Mermet Springs Scuba Diving



Lakeland Park, private Quarries nearby used for some of our training dives depending on time of year.


Lake Michigan, August or September, 2018 ?, Milwaukee

WisconsinIntro.jpgLet us know when you can join us for a wreck diving trip on Lake Michigan.  Dive the Milwaukee and Prins Wilhelm out of Milwaukee.  Great Lakes generally have 50 feet of visibility or better.   Can complete wreck certification.  Must be advanced certified. Drysuits recommended.  There is still space but need to decide soon!We dove both wrecks.  Got down to 41 degrees on the first dive at 118 feet on September 10, 2016.  Did some penetration on our September trip in the Prins Wilhelm as it is still intact laying on its side.

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Pensacola, Panama City or Palm Beach, FL

Good wreck diving and clear springs around Panama City.  Reef & drift diving off Palm Beach. Nearby Panama City are some crystal clear fresh water springs.  This is the nearest salt water diving. This trip is not scheduled every year. This is as close as we can get for ocean dives.  See Ocean trips.