Online Classes

Click below to register  for an On-Line class.  All book work will be completed at home.  Email or call us after you sign up and we will arrange for your confined water training and open water dives.  Cost will depend on the number of pool sessions required.  If you have registered with Aqua Diving School as your training facility, there is a reduced priced for your confined water training. Approximately $150 – $170 (depends on class size) plus materials.  Open Water Touch allows you to work off line and you can return to the product at any time on your tablet.  Call us and we can set you up to start the process at your convenience.  There is a $20 charge for renting mask, fins, snorkel, boots but you will receive up to $40 credit upon purchase of the rented items.  PADI charges $190 for their e-learning class.