PADI Specialty Classes

Specialty classes

A great way to expand your diving knowledge and training.  Many of the specialties require Advanced certification.  Five specialty classes, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diving (see advanced classes for more information) are required to earn the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. Have fun obtaining this prestigious level of certification.  Many of the specialty classes are not on a regular schedule so please let us know which classes you are interested in.  Aqua Diving School offers Rescue and Emergency First Aid.  Aqua Diving School is the only Peoria area training center that offers DAN continueing education first aid classes (go to advanced or rescue classes for more info).

Dry Suit Diving- this is the time try on a dry suit to extend your diving season in comfort.    We have 10 drysuits including the new White’s Dry Suits which are more comfortable than most wetsuits.  Can fit a large number of sizes. One pool session and 2 or 3 open water sessions will complete the certification.  Cost of regular dry suit class and certification is $125 which includes up to 3 dives.  Most of our suits are Fusion Dry Suits which are extremely flexible and comfortable to dive in.  Cost is only $115 if combined with the advanced class ($125 for four dives)  Receive $100 towards the purchase of a new Fusion dry suit or package if purchased within 6 months of completing the certification.   Used dry suits are also available.  Bonne Terre Mine trip is a great way to experience the benefits of the Fusion Suit and enjoy some awesome dives.  Bonne Terre trips January, February, and/or March, 2018!

Chatterton, wreck diver, deep sea detective, and author, endorses White’s Fusion dry suit as the most comfortable dry suit ever.   John Chatterton famous for his wreck diving off the New Jersey coast and co-author of “Shadow Divers” recently had a chance to start diving with the Fusion Bullet dry suit from Whites Diving.   He has been diving the Fusion in the Great Lakes, New Jersey     coast and even in Florida and has this to say…”absolutely love this suit!!”    Chattertons complete review…   The Fusion ease of movement, flexibility, custom fit from any stock suit all make the Fusion the best for dry diving.

Enriched Air (arrange class at your convenience)
$145 or $170 with DVD.   Price includes books and all dive tables.  Qualify to dive with higher % oxygen to increase bottom time as well as other benefits.  Pre-requisite for tec diving.  The PADI on-line the class is $240.

Underwater Digital Photography (arrange class at your convenience) and videography.  $125 includes use of camera and two days of diving (pool and/or open water).  $75 if you provide your own camera.

Learn underwater photography techniques. You will use a Sealife camera including video, which will allow you to take pictures and video with the same camera.  It will further improve diving techniques useful when taking pictures, as well as when being photographed.   Cost of class varies with the length of time your are renting the equipment.  Addition of a Sealife video light is highly recommended.  Ask about applying rental charge to the purchase of the camera.

SoloDiver/SelfReliant  Diver    $225 per individual which includes the specialty equipment.  $175 or less with your own equipment.  Additional discount with a group. This PADI’s version of solo diving.  It is PADIs newest specialty.  Prerequisite: must have 100 logged dives.  Enhance your self-rescue skills and improve your skills as an independent diver but also become a better buddy diver.  Buddy diving is still recommended but divers often find themselves in situations where their buddy is not dependable.  To dive solo a diver must have a completely independent source of air with at least 10 cu ft of air, saftety sausage and 100 ft reel, audible signal device, and cutting tool.

Wreck diving
$75 or $125 with crewpack.  Learn techniques useful in diving on or inside wrecks. Small wrecks can be dived at the Haigh Quarry and Bull Shoals Lake.  Larger wrecks are accessible for penetration in Mermet Springs, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and a number of Caribbean and Pacific destinations. This class is generally taught in conjunction with one of our trips.

Peak Performance/Underwater Buoyancy (arrange class at your convenience) $55 or $80 with DVD
Improve your diving skills at whatever level of diving you may have. Use the Professional Diamond Reef Training System. This class is an excellent refresher class at a very small fee. Can be repeated. Specialty certification upon completing two open water dives.

Search and Recovery
$95 or $140 with crewpack.  Learn to search and map our local waters. Very helpful for recovering personal lost items. Some of our more experienced divers will occasionally be called to complete search and recovery jobs. Recommended for divemasters.

Equipment Repair
$70.  An overview of most diving equipment, equipment maintenance, as well as basic repairs. Very useful for any diver. Recommended for divemasters. Regulators and other equipment will be disassembled and reassembled to show students how they work and how to take care of emergency field maintenance.  Taught by Jeff Sutton, instructor and repair technician.  Next class this winter will be, Monday evening, early March 12, 2018

Underwater Naturalist
Learn about the diversity of life in fresh water lakes. Generally coordinated with trip toHaig Quarry or Mermet. Can also be scheduled with our ocean trips to learn more about the ocean environment.

Underwater Navigation  
$65 or $115 with crewpack.  Improve and expand on both natural and compass navigation


Cavern Diving and Cave Diving
Now available. Special techniques taught to ensure safe diving. Complete in Bonne Terre Mine or on a Florida trip. $150 plus cost for lodging and transportation.   Cave Diving: Summer in southern Missouri or Florida.  Must complete cavern first!

Night, Deep, Multilevel, Boat, Underwater Hunter, U/W Video. UW Propulsion Vehicle

Master Diver Certification
Upon completion of five specialties and the rescue class, you qualify for the highest non-instructional certification level offered by PADI.