We service and repair most equipment. We are authorized to repair and do warranty service on Aqualung, Seaquest, U.S. Divers, Mares, Sherwood, Dacor, Poseidon, and U/W Kinetics equipment. Our rates are very reasonable. Often other brands can be serviced and parts may be available. We will send in Sea and Sea, Ikelite and SeaLife photography equipment; also watches, dry suits and other specialty equipment.

Because of the condition and age of some equipment, prices can vary from below rates. If you are not from this area or have moved ,we can still service your equipment. The only extra cost will be shipping. Please include a detailed description of what is needed and when you need it back. Also supply credit card for billing and your name, telephone number (e-mail), and return address.

Repair Rates:

Visual inspections: $7.00, cost of O-rings if needed, plus cost of airfill ($6.00 for a 63 cu.ft tank, $7.00 for an 80, $8.00 for a 100 tank.)

Hydro test: $26.95 which includes visual cost, O-ring if needed.

Installation of computer batteries: $10 plus cost of batteries and $5 for pressure test.  Full battery replacement warranty only available if the computer is sent in to the manufacturer.  Warranty is only guaranteed if the factory replaces the battery.  Let us know as that is a 2 to 3 week turnaround.

Annual on regulator and octopus: $25 to $30 if maintained on an annual basis plus parts unless it is under warranty. Seaquest has a life-time warranty on parts. Most other regulators have a two year warranty. Typical labor costs seldom go over $30 but a number of replacement parts may increase the cost if the regulators are not maintained on a regular basis.

BCD: $5 to $10 for annual. Overhaul will require parts and additional labor costs. We recommend that you bring in your BCD with your regulator.